Sunday, January 30

Saint Emilia


Several years ago I commissioned a saint figure from @intheloftsuedow for each person in our family. I finally ordered one of Saint Emilia for myself early this month and she arrived last week. I just love her and can't stop admiring these beautiful figures every time I pass them. I wish it hadn't taken me so long to order one of my saint! Sue is such an amazing artist and you should definitely check out her etsy store for lots of options for both Roman Catholics and Orthodox Christians.

Wednesday, January 26

Naptime in Pre-K 3


It's naptime in the pre-k classroom, so I'm getting a few rows in on my Botanical Lace Wrap (a free pattern from Purl Soho) as I listen to the soothing sounds of instrumental music and gentle snoring. I'm basically being paid to be a mama.

Sunday, January 23

House and Car Blessing

We killed two birds with one stone and had our annual house blessing, along with the blessing of our new van tonight. I'm glad the priest was available for both things... they act like their job is so difficult when all they do is work for a couple of hours in a Sunday! 🙄 

Frolicking Lambs

 I asked my husband to drive to a little farm near us so that I could take a few photos of these lovely sheep today. The sheep are pretty used to people (they sell feed in the shop so that patrons can pet and feed the animals). They ran to me and leapt in the air, which I have never seen! It was so adorable!

A Swan!


We're out for one of our Sunday drives and our daughter spotted this beauty! I will definitely be back to see if this is her permanent home or if she's just moving through.

Friday, January 21

Christmas Beauty


It has been one month with this beauty lighting up our living room. I'm taking Christmas down today which makes me a little sad, but I think the limited time with these beautiful things makes them even more special.

Friday's Library Haul

Tuesday, January 18

Church on Sunday


Church on Sunday was not at Jordanville as we had planned, but instead in the gorgeous church (Saint John of Krondstadt in Utica New York). It was such a treat to be together as a family. Normally Papa and the boys serve in the Altar and our daughter is busy with the livestream.

Monday, January 17

With all of the hullabaloo over the van on Saturday, I ended up only taking two photos. One was of my tea and the other was my gorgeous girl in the sun with a cat.

I was fortunate enough to see my sister, @willfulmina, and her family this weekend. She made me cups and cups of Royal Palace tea to warm my chilly southern bones. I wish I didn't live so far from my sisters and brother!

French Toast

French toast made by my favorite daughter 

Sunday, January 16



Farewell to our beautiful Sienna. She was a good car to the very end and, thank God, her precious and irreplaceable cargo (Father John and our daughter) were not injured in the least.

Tuesday, January 11

Mosaic Making, Part One


Today I had the pleasure of getting to assist our iconographer, Mirona, work on the first (of many!) mosaics to beautify the exterior of our church building and the arch at the entrance to the property. It still has to be sealed (you can see the part where a little sealant was applied so that the real color of the stone could be seen... it will be green and gold when it is all done) and grouted, but the bulk of the work is done on this one. It's exciting to be able to watch this come to life!

Sunday, January 9

A Cheering Fire

Sunday Styles

Sunday Styles: tortoise colored winter coat, scarf (that's round my neck now, but was on my head for church), cotton ivory pullover, grey pencil skirt, black tights, and lace up boots

I'm making an effort to look a bit more pulled together this year and am also trying really hard to tend to my skin. I'm not sure if I'll make this type of post a regular thing, but I love when other people show their looks, so I thought I'd give it a whirl.



Illustrations by our daughter for her bio med notebook

Friday, January 7

The Twelve Day of Christmas in Puzzle



We went to our new Aldi today and I couldn't resist these white pineberry strawberries. They are so strange and are sweeter than their red counterparts. 
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