Friday, March 24

The Kratt Brothers...

We had some surprising visitors in our school today. The Kratt Brothers of Kratts' Creatures on PBS made an appearance! Apparently, they both lived in this town when they were growing up and even went to our school (there are a few older teachers who actually taught them!!). They were making a CBS special using some of the children from our school. I'm not sure when this program will air, but I'll let you know... it will be interesting to see some of the children that I've taught on TV! By the way, these two brothers weren't the most humble of creatures! They insisted on entering the school through a rear door (I guess so that the Central New Jersey paparazzi wouldn't bother them ;) ). They also ignored the children that were looking at them in wonder and interest (I had told my class that they were celebrities). Oddly enough, most of the kids and teachers had no idea who they were!

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Monday, March 20

This and That...

In celebration of spring, I made our dinner with loads of fresh ingredients. I stopped at our local grocery store to do our weekly shopping (I normally do this on Saturday... However I was foiled this weekend by the trip to New York). Stop and Shop (which is the only grocery store they seem to have in our area...There are literally four of them within ten miles of our apartment) is a terrific store for fresh and organic foods. It is also a bit more expensive than A&P, Shop Rite, and Pathmark... Stores I have shopped at in the past. I bought many yummy things and concocted a pretty good Lenten meal.

We had French bread pizza (tomato sauce, mushrooms, red onions, green peppers, tomatoes, and various seasonings... I also had cheese on mine) and a cucumber, tomato, and red onion salad with this surprisingly easy dressing made from a Lenten cookbook. Our dessert was strawberries and peaches very lightly dusted with sugar. I felt like it should have been beautiful spring weather with a fresh and light dinner like that! Instead, we were (and still are) all bundled up in our cozy little home!

I made a very extensive "to do" list for myself tonight (the things on the list must be completed before the end of the week). The four main things that I'd like to accomplish are:

  • Register for baby things at Babies'R'Us (my mother informed me that there will be a shower held for me on May 21st... Interestingly enough, that is also my old calendar nameday (the day that St. Emilia is commemorated)!
  • Register for Lamaze classes at the hospital where we will be delivering the baby.
  • Pick up the dry cleaning that I dropped off weeks ago.
  • Call three of my good friends and write to my godmother.
So far, I have called two of my friends and left messages for two different people who teach and schedule the Lamaze classes in our area. I feel pretty good that I have actually done some of the things that I have been putting off for a few weeks! Hopefully this trend towards taking care of this things that need taking care of will continue for me!!
I was speaking to a co-worker who is also expecting a baby (in August) and was surprised to find that she and her husband have already set up the nursery! They painted the walls and got bedroom furniture and decorations. John and I have pretty much done nothing for our little baby! Granted, the baby is not coming for a few months and the baby will also not have his/her own room while we live in this apartment... However, I feel like we need to get cracking!! We probably still won't purchase anything for the little one until after the shower, but at least we'll have an idea of what we need/want. Oy!

(originally posted on my blog, Dairy of a Young Wife) 

Sunday, March 19

An Enjoyable Weekend...

Thank you to everyone who posted encouraging words about my blah day on Friday. I am hoping that this week will be less filled up and have some time for relaxing... Hopefully I won't feel so overwhelmed by the time that Friday and the weekend roll around.

We had a good time at my husband's aunt and uncle's home. They were babysitting two of their grandchildren which was enjoyable. A. and N. are three and two respectively, so they are a bit of a handful to care for. It was good that we were there to help them a bit. I watched N. During the Liturgy today (good practice for when the baby comes). He was sweet, quiet, and very good during the service.

Before we came home we stopped at Titan foods in Astoria (a huge Greek supermarket). We stocked up on hummus, pita bread, olives, calamari, etc. I think that it will be a good break for John to have some of his favorite foods as a little treat. Great Lent can be difficult in the middle... Some variety seems to make it more bearable.

Today was also my mother-in-law's Nameday (Saint Daria), so we had dinner at a Chinese restaurant (We had a pretty ethnic day!!) with John's parents and brothers. It was nice and very laidback... I was quite happy not to have to cook dinner:) We finally came home at about 8 and I've been puttering around since then. I think that I am pretty much ready to face the week. I will probably have a small snack and then go to bed. I am pooped!

(originally posted on my blog, Dairy of a Young Wife) 
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