Thursday, December 31

Bread Plates and Another Flower Frog


     I spent some time today running a few errands with my daughter. Our last stop was to the thrift shop to snap up a small stack of these heavily crazed Homer Laughlin (of Fiestaware fame!) bread plates and another flower frog. It was a good ending to 2020.

Wednesday, December 30

Christmastime in Colonial Williamsburg, Part II

We spent Tuesday wandering around Colonial Williamsburg, the campus of William & Mary, and playing Poohsticks on a romantic bridge in the forest. What a lovely adventure we had!

Ice Skating

      I was so pleased to see that one of the things that Colonial Williamsburg offers in the wintertime is outdoor ice skating! The Trio loves skating!  It took them a few turns around the ice to acclimate, but they were whizzing and whirling around the rink by the end of the evening!

Christmastime in Colonial Williamsburg

     We took a little trip to Colonial Williamsburg on Monday and Tuesday. It was the perfect getaway during the pandemic because it was mild enough to spend all of our time outdoors eating, walking around the colonial area, and hiking! It was a much needed treat! It has long been on my "bucket list" to get to see the the wreaths that decorate every building in this beautiful place and I was so pleased to see that everything lived up to my expectations!
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