Tuesday, March 30

Tiny Bouquet

Our sweet daughter came home today and handed me a tiny bouquet that she gathered outside of her school. 

Blossoms in the Trees

Monday, March 29

Bookstore Treats

New magazines and a new puzzle from our Friday outing to the bookstore. 

Invisalign Journey No. 2

This sweet boy started Invisaline this past Thursday! 

Sunday, March 28

Spring Blossoms


Tuscan Fries

I made Nigella Lawson's Tuscan Fries this afternoon and they were just okay. If I do this again, I think the potatoes need to be cut bigger. But, honestly, it would just be easier and tastier to buy fries. 🤔

Misty Moisty Morning

Wednesday, March 24

A Place to Hang the Moon

If you're looking for a lovely story with a happy ending, this one's for you! William, Edmund, and Anna are evacuated to the country at the outset of WWII after their grandmother dies. Will they find a home for themselves? Will they find someone who thinks they hung the moon? 

Fairytale Cottage

Saturday, March 20

Beatrix's Baptism



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