Wednesday, March 23

Festal Learning Basket: Annunciation...

Commemorated March 25th


The Annunciation
The Children's Bible Reader - The Angel Visits Mary (pages 164 and 165)
The Story of Mary, the Mother of God

Wear the Color Blue Today
Listen to the Audio of Dr Chrissi Hart reading The Annunciation
Use recipes for the feast of The Annunciation from An Orthodox Kitchen
Add a vase of flowers to the icon corner and/or feast day table
Set out an icon of The Annunciation
Color an icon of The Annunciation
Sing the Festal Troparion Before Meals
Look for Icons depicting The Annunciation in church
Collect Baby Items and Deliver Them to a Crisis Pregnancy Center or to a Food Pantry
Begin Planning/Planting a Mother of God Garden

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